Friday, August 28, 2015

On The Hunt For Monster High

I have not seen this before. Obviously an upgrade/collectors piece from one of the first dolls in that original Monster High line of toys. From the beginning these dolls were different. Mattel utilized colored plastic and manipulated it to create fantastical outfits and accessories for these 'monster' dolls.

As you well know the packaging is often as important as the figure inside for me. This is such and example. I wonder if this is a one time thing just for Draculaura or if all the first line figures will get this upgraded treatment. I like that the line hasn't died out and is still looking for creative ways to appeal to both old and young fans of these toys. Trust me. When they are gone they will be fondly remembered and treasured by collectors. I myself can't get enough of them.
I only have one male figure but this guy is too cool. Finnegan Wake?? That is a great name for a fish character. Not only does he have a great design personally, but his WHEELCHAIR is fantastic. I love the flame rims on this wheels. Even the backpack on the back of the chair is a nice touch. This is a gorgeous toy that deserves to be at the front of my Monster High display. That is when I find him. In this area my best chance to get him at retail is to camp out in the Toys R Us baby section until one gets delivered.


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