Thursday, October 27, 2011

BUDDY...Take The Hint And Walk Away

He must really love her to not use this impromptu storm to make a dramatic escape. It's called a sign from the gods even if you don't believe. It would be an unforgettable episode of last mintue cold feet. His boys would be talking about it for years. "You should have seen him Pedro. He was magnificent. One minute he was there beside Juliana and the air was still. The next minute I saw him call up the Haboob and mutherfucker was GONE. He didn't even look back. I was beautiful."

But the groom stayed and that bride must have pissed someone off to have HER DAY ruined like this. All you can do at some point is remove your underwear, grab a bottle of tequila and dance your ass off while the Mariachi band is still on the ground. I do really admire how she told the priest to continue regardless and he was more afraid of her than the wrath of god he was a part of. Classic.

There’s Something In My Eye of the Day: It’s a nice day for a… dust wedding?

Now-newlyweds Gustavo and Jenniffer Luna won’t soon forget their nuptials. Not because of how pretty the bride was or how big the cake was, mind you, but because of how dusty the haboob was.

During the happy Arizonian couple’s September ceremony, a massive dust storm happened to pass by. The badass bride wasn’t about to let anything spoil her special day, and urged the priest to continue.

She later told reporters: “At first, I was a little upset about it, but at the same time, what are you going to do? It’s the weather.”

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