Friday, October 28, 2011

Have You Ever Done This?

I noticed something today. Whenever I leave a comment I always click that box for an email reply - in case I can be in on the conversation. Some sites don't allow for that for some reason but I try to reply to any responses to my comments that I can.

This is not about the people who I visit and leave comments to. They, of course, have sites that are certified COOL by our crack and on crack staff here at 'Cave of Cool Inc'.

I am talking about the OTHER people who say, leave a comment on the same cat site I do. When the site is popular I can have 30 messages from fellow cat lovers that are not directed at me.

Often it's other people pretending they are cats but they don't have the same easy way of writing LOL Catspeak or a sense of humor like I do. It's all very bizarre and stressful for some reason. I can stop it any time of course and I will now. But it just has been freaking me out for two days now.

Daisy and Harley are two very popular cats and I love when their Mommie comes visit my Cave. Both of her babies are personal muses to me and they often inspire the funniest captions. I think I have their personalities down so well because the creator of the site has done such great work giving them real lives and personalities to go with their adventures as indoor cats and international cat fashion supermodels.

Again, these are no ordinary cat pictures. They are posed with expressions to go with the particular costume they happen to be modelling at the time. Or maybe we just see their time spent with a new box. The captions just write themselves because the 'tricks' used to take the pictures results in fantastically animated cat faces.

In comparison, the Admiral just sits there and closes his eyes. One picture of him looks like all the rest because he is an emotionless aristocrat. (He needs to remember he was born in a barn.)

I love the effort that is put into portraying the lives of these two cats. 'Monday Funnies' and it's cut and paste greatness is a strip that should be in an actual newspaper or cat magazine. In fact. I may ask for permission to repost those here on a weekly basis. The presentation technique is made to look like crappy photoshop (and it is) but that just adds to the charm of the presentation. The jokes are corny and perfect belly groaners to share with the kids.

This is a blog with a gentle, funny vision. I wish this could be made into a cartoon series. Zoolander meets Winnie the Pooh.

It's goofy fun. I am glad I found them because of the inspirations these two kitties bring to my life.


DrGoat said...

Certainly a blog for the ages.

Belle said...

I went over to visit. She takes great photos.

Daisy said...

My Mommeh almost fainted from happiness at your kind comments! She said she is lucky because I love to model and I am a little bit photogenic. Harley doesn't really care about modeling, but he doesn't even notice stuff like having a grass skirt on his head when there is a toy waving around in front of him. We are always proud to see our photos posted here.

ps: Next year, Harley wants to dress up like a potato.

Pip said...

Me so agrees with your assessment of our good furends Daisy and Harley. Their mommeh is amazing.
But me must insists that there are no "tricks" to the picshurs. Daisy is a professhunal model and she plans all her poses. She is a amazing method actress.
Me follows you now acause we really likes your site!