Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days OF Kids's Costumes - Day 31

2 comments: said...

He's a cutie but not nearly as cute as my nephew Jeremy in his spider man costume (I haven't seen pics yet but I KNOW he's the cutest spiderman in the universe).

Love you, Kal. (In case you forgot).

Budd said...

check your email as you are a winner, you have won an all expense paid journey into nightmares with the story "The Doll," by the always lovely J.C. Martin. The email will be from Amazon so be on the look out for it. If you don't have a kindle (really, what are you waiting for) you can still read the story on pretty much anything with a screen by downloading the kindle app. Don't worry about eye strain, this one isn't too log.

Hopefully it goes through without a hitch as the Canadian Amazon site sent me back to the US site when I told it I wanted to buy a kindle book.