Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Do I Know This Is Me?

I used to work at a summer Air Cadet camp in Penhold Alberta. The greatest part of the job is that I lived on the air force base at the time and could just walk to work. I chose to sleep in the barracks with all my other mates but that didn't mean that I had to give up all the comforts of home.

Our barrack room had air fans and television and personally I couldn't go to sleep without my fancy colored granny blanket. No scratchy fire proof ratty pieces of blanket for me. I am not some savage. That is my blanket so the guy who is sleeping has to be me.

Seeing this picture on Facebook reminded me of those good summers - best and most fun a teen could get. It was being an instructor and leader at summer cadet camp that got me to go into teaching so I owe those times a lot. I learned instructional technique and how to organize large herds of teens to do what I was ordering them to do, often when they were committed to doing something else.

It's funny how you look back on only certain things with fondness as you age further and further away from your past. Only some events or moments or jobs stand the test of time like working at Cadet Camp Penhold, making me wish I could go back to those days, even for just one more final wing parade.


Belle said...

I can see that is a great thing for boys to do each summer. I'm glad you got so much out of it.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It was totally CO-Ed Belle. I should tell the story of how four of us guys fell in love with our SGT - Louise Brockman and we would sing Beatles songs to her.