Friday, November 25, 2011

Someone Tell Me That This Is Just A Photoshopped Meme That You Kids Do

Because I know for a fact that Godzilla was nowhere near any 'Occupy' sites. Maybe that cop has gone rogue. I am so confused. Someone clear this up for me will ya.

Why are all the kids pooping in the nice parks? It's the fluoride in their toothpaste - is that what makes them all radical? Is it because of their hippity hop music and those damn You Tubes? I think that Snoopy Dog person has a lot to do with it. He likes that wacky tobbacky ya know?

Newt tells me they are are stinky hippies and not moral paragons of virtue like he is? What side should I be on?

Pretty blond Fox News reporter Megan Kelly says that pepper spray is basically a condiment. Why then is it not available at 7-11 where I get my 'BIG BITE' hot dog? They have ALL the toppings in the world including chili and cheese so if 7-11 doesn't provide it, then pepper spray is NOT a condiment.

Ah, who cares anyways. Now that the Republicans have declared PIZZA to be a vegetable on the food pyramid I guess everything is going to be all right. GAH!

I swear, something is coming for this planet and people in power know about it. That is why no one gives a shit. They all know it's over for us so why try to really fix anything. Just spend the last days fuckin' with all the rest of us who can't do anything to stop our destruction even if we knew about it.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

That stupid condiment remark reminds me of Jean Chretien's stupid remark (in similar circumstances of defending police over-reaction) about not knowing what pepper spray is except "I put pepper on my steak."