Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Last Ship - A Show You Should Be Watching

This must be a Michael Bay weekend for me. He had a lot to do with THE LAST SHIP - the incredibly tense and exciting story about a virus that has decimated the planet and the last ship of uninfected sailors and scientists who search for a cure - a cure that will literally save the entire world.

All of Bay's best instincts went into this show. It is tense and exciting and above all, logical. It makes sense and the obstacles placed in front to the crew of the Nathan James (LOVE that name) are real and difficult to overcome. Each person has to be thinking on their feet and outside the box if they have any hope of surviving and the script really targets that fear of the unknown.

I have even more respect for the Chain of Command and military discipline when there is a crisis afoot. Someone has to be calling the shots and someone has to be accountable for decisions that are made. It's a delicate balance and this show walks it nicely. I can't get enough of countdown clocks and last minute saves.

There is even a dog for us to root for.

There are also no real bad guys here except for maybe the Russians but they are always the bad guys. Can we all just admit that they just make the best villains?

It's killing me that I will have to wait a whole week to see the next chapter in this story. It's that compelling. I am enjoying all the personal story arcs and hope they remain strong.

The 'We don't negotiate with terrorists' moment is particularly sweet. Hoo Raw. I also like that they picked up more allies on their journey. I am fully invested in this one and you should be too. Have I ever steered you wrong in the past?


Unknown said...

I saw a ad for this one when i went to see the new Godzilla movie...Looks interesting.

Mike D. said...

It is a very good show... It's like a Zombie apocolypse movie...without zombies. People just get sick and die... Horribly.

Kal said...

Wait until the virus gets on the ship. And why hasn't it already?

Mike D. said...

Until they actually found out about the Global pandemic they were not yet at that time exposed. But now they have been