Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Omar Is Not Happy With You Or Your Actions

Stop being an anonymous numnut commentor on Tumblr. I don't need to read your stupid racist or homophobic rants. Something about being anonymous makes people so bold that they say things they never would admit to if people knew who they really were. You may think you are giving good advice or making a helpful comment but your anonymity only destroys your credibility.

And stop posting images with people's heads cropped off. WHY DO YOU DO THAT???? That just infuriates OMAR because he knows that is the first rule in photography. We all know the original picture some goober adds to his blog was not shot this way originally but for some reason they felt it necessary to cut the head in half when they resized the image for their purposes. Stop it!!!


Pearl said...

I shall cease immediately.



Kal said...

Hey, don't tell me. Tell Omar. I love everything you do. He just woke up especially cranky this morning.

M. D. Jackson said...

They only think they're anonymous. They'd shit themselves if they found out that we know who they are, where they live, their phone # and social security # and what they wear when they blog.

BTW, mister "anonymous": put some pants on when you leave your racist homphobic tumblr comments, dude! That's just gross!

Kal said...

It's the moisture that they leave on their faux leather chairs that bothers me the most.

Rod Barnett said...

Man, I love THE WIRE. Omar would fuck your shit up good. A while back there was a great interview with the fine actor that played him and the money quote was "Omar is homosexual. There's nothing 'gay' about him". That summed the character up perfectly.

Kal said...

Omar is one of my all time favorite television anti-heroes. No alliegneces to anyone other than himself. He was the Robin Hood of the hood and his homosexuality only made him MORE interesting. In a different world he would have been cleaning up the city instead of making things worse. His death was the most shocking ones I have ever seen in a TV series. He is a big favorite here in the Cave of Cool. Someone one asked me what five characters would I want on my zombie hunting team, Omar and The Velociraptor from Jurassic Park were my tip two choices along with Ray Park from The Star Wars prequels and Russel Crow from 'The Quick and the Dead' and Mila Jovovich from resident evil movies.