Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fringe Gets Fourth Season

Guess what FOX? You are officially getting a pass from me bitching about all the crappy things you do with shows I like because of this decision. Someone at the top finally realized that 'Fringe' is the most interesting and human show out there despite it's 'X-Files' type themes.

I dare anyone to watch one episode and not be impressed by the acting skills of everyone involved. John Noble as Arthur Bishop is mesmerizing to watch and even ex-'Dawson's Creek' alum Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop is terrific. That takes nothing away from Anna Torv's Olivia, Jasika Nicole's Astrid or Lance Reddick's Deputy Broyles. Very few shows have an ensemble this strong.

I am happy to be given one more full year of Walternate and the mysteries of the other dimension and one more year of romance blossoming between Olivia and Peter - that is if she ever gets the spirit of Leonard Nemoy's William Bell out of her body. SEE, you read that last sentence, said WTF? to yourself and are sad that you have missed out on this awesome show.

Long Live Fringe Division


Wings1295 said...

I am super-happy about this, too! Can't wait for more wacky adventures. Walter is an amazing character, but they are all great. Now I am worried for "Lie to Me" and "Human Target".

DrGoat said...

Great! This is one of the few shows worth watching. Fringe and Justified. Good shows.

Kal said...

Fox just is not a show friendly network. The reasons behind some of their decisions astound me.

Justified is a really good show too.