Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lois Lane: Girl Reporter

Dean Trippe teamed up with illustrator Daniel Krall to create a series of young-adult novels that would turn Lois Lane into the new Nancy Drew.

I like this concept. Lois Lane is one of the few strong female characters in comic books who have stood the test of time. After all, her boyfriend is the flagship character in DC. You would think that this idea would be a no-brainer for the company but it was rejected.

Too many comics out there are only for boys - even the ones that have large female castes like 'Birds of Prey'.

It must be hard to find superhero related materials for daughters that teach lessons which will have a possitive effect on a young girl's life. Certainly 'Teen Mom', 'Jersey Shore' and 'Gossip Girl' do nothing to build up the inner resolve of females who need to know and believe that being pretty or pretty stupid is not the end all and be all of their existence.

Here is part of Trippe's proposal.

“At eleven years old, Lois has discovered her calling: investigative journalism. She sets out to right wrongs and help out her friends. This series explores Lois’s character, reveals her surprising early influence on the future Man of Steel, and introduces fun new elements into this enduring character’s back story.

In each book, Lois will tackle a problem or mystery affecting the members of the community she finds herself in as she travels around the country. The investigations in this series will not be mystical or supernatural (though some characters may suspect such sources), but real world problems that Lois works to set right.”

Character Sketches

Lois Lane - is the bright, driven, daughter of Sam and Ellen Lane. Lois has dark, straight hair, pale violet eyes, and wears green when she has a choice. Lois carries a small messenger bag containing a tape recorder, a flashlight, a reporter-style notepad, and the military’s experimental S-Phone. Lois often refers to her friends by their last names and hometowns. Age: 11.

Clark Kent - is a farmboy and science-fiction fan growing up in Smallville, Kansas. Clark is kinda skinny and has black hair and the brightest blue eyes. He often wears blue ringer tees, blue jeans, and red tennis shoes. Clark doesn’t yet know of his alien heritage, but he is already developing quite a few of his super-abilities. Age: 12.

Bruce Wayne - is a troubled boy with dark hair and blue-gray eyes. Bruce was orphaned five years ago when his wealthy, philanthropic parents were senselessly killed by a mugger. Bruce has been traveling around the world, learning everything he thinks he needs to become the world’s perfect crime-fighter. He rarely engages in social activities. Bruce wears expensive gray and black clothes and travels with his compassionate and witty valet, Alfred Pennyworth. Age: 13.

I am hoping that someone at DC reverses this decision. Lois is a great role model.


Copyboy said...

It's definitely be as good as Terry Moore's Spider-man loves mary jane. BTW...made you blog of the day.

Kal said...

Thanks for the honor Copyboy. All is as it should be in the Universe. I loved 'Spider-Man Love Mary Jane'. Great art and story. I had a friend who asked me what comic she should get for a tween girl and I found the torrent for her. Her daughter loved the series and went on to read a ton of Spider-Man and classic X-men after that. The best kind of gateway drug.

Dean Trippe said...

Thanks so much for this post and the kind words, Calvin. The response to LL,GR has warmed my heart and given me hope there are folks out there who want to read the kind of stories kicking around in my head. With or without the Big Two, this is the kind of thing to expect from me next. :)

Kal said...

Whoa, I finally reached the big time. Thanks for the comment Dean. I been reading about this story for a few days now and I had to do a post about it. In a world where there are 10 Batman issues a month there is room for a concept as great as yours. I bet if you had sold it as a Elsewhere story they would have been all over it. Keep doing what you think is right. Your instincts are dead on.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I agree, Kal -- this would be a great series for girls. Goddess knows they need more and better role models than what's currently available in the media.

Kal said...

Don't get me started on that subject. As a former teacher I can tell you how influencial the programs like 'Jersey Shore' and 'Teen Mom' are.