Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Comic Covers Of The Week - Man From Atlantis

Space1970 is a great site for information and reminders of all the great genre shows that we enjoyed back into the 70s. During the decade (while I was ages 5-15) there were many programs that seems geared towards my singular enjoyment. "Logan's Run", "Planet of the Apes", Six Million Dollar Man", "Bionic Woman", "Wonder Woman", "Incredible Hulk", Battlestar Galactica", "Buck Rogers" and "Man From Atlantis" all had a healthy influence in my life.

The latter show, "Man From Atlantis" was one whose main character I actively tried to imitate when I took swimming lessons twice a week. I loved the pool and blamed my own less than speedy front stroke on the fact that I didn't have webbed finger and toes like Patrick Duffy's character had on the show.

I had always loved sea-themed programs like "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" because I knew eventually any sub had to find itself in a fight to the death with a giant octopus and defeat that most unholy of beasties. I had my big pillow ready to hide behind when one of those came along. "Man from Atlantis" didn't disappoint in those kind of stories and also had great special effects.

During 'Smallville's' run there was a pilot produced for a spin-off Aquaman series that was never given the green light for a full season. I think I would have enjoyed that show also if the pilot was any indication of what was to come. I am sure like 'Smallville' it would have descended into '90210' under the water' but even that might have been interesting. We will never know.

Thanks again to Space1970 and these covers for reminding us all of another cool show from that most cool of decades.


Wings1295 said...

I never watched Man from Atlantis. Somehow it was not on my little kid radar back then. As for the Aquaman show, I would have watched the HELL out of that. Damn timing.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, those are really ACTION-PACKED covers!

M. D. Jackson said...

I watched that show religiously when I was a kid (and tried to imitate Patrick Duffy's swimming style in our local pool) but I never saw these comics. I would have snapped them up if I had.

Kal said...

Action packed covers is how they get the kid's attention. They should have sold them at pools all over the country.