Thursday, February 27, 2020

This Week From The Cave Of Cool

I don't how he did it but MD caught this picture of me without my knowledge.  Coincidentally my body also looks like Dean Cain's body which is something we talk about on this episode of This Week From The Cave Of Cool.

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After a perfect storm of a computer SNAFU left Calvin unable to reach out to the rest of the world WE ARE BACK! And we have a lot to talk about! Aside from Calvin's computer problems we cover the Facebook cat group and Calvin's Cat captions, cosplay girls, 90 DAY FIANCEE, the 1973 version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Live action remakes of Japanese Anime, KINGDOM Season 2, Korean cinema, PARASITE, Bong Joon Ho, KPOP, BELA LUGOSI, FRANK LANGELLA, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, MULAN and, of course STAR TREK: PICARD. It's choc-a-bloc full of overwhelming goodness!

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