Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Cave Of Cool Honors Cecil The Lion

This was truly the worst story I have read this year. The details are horrific as seen through the eyes and pain of this magnificent creature. I so want biblical brand justice for the Dentist prick but I want Africa JUNGLE justice as well.

SHUN HIM...make him wear a sign for the rest of his life that says I was he asshole that killed that magnificent lion. This way I can drive by his house and take out his mailbox and possibly his head with my bag of frozen oranges. We can all spit on him when he goes about his daily chores. Or he can be left on the Savannah naked and covered in BBQ sauce. His choice.

Both of these of course will be filmed as a reminder to the next cold blooded animal hating small dicked prick that think he can use his money to commit murder. It's a slippery slope. He is a killer and no doubt a serial one on the animal side. Don't they think he has thought about stalking a human. It was probably on his Christmas wish list. I say his slow and painful death is our message to him and all others of his ilk that we don't like that he kills anything. Of course we do that be designing an elaborate death scene for him but COME ON people. Our hypocrisy is next summer's hit reality show. How long does he live? You can bet and earn valuable prizes.

But it's his choice what death he prefers. We are not merciless savages here.

I like a variety so that he can be the author of his doom. But doomed he should be. I hope they give him so old fashioned African Justice. Take his hands like he took that lion's head. He can walk around with air filled dishwashing gloves for all I care. His fingers will ever pull another tooth or trigger again.
I just don't want anyone to defend this. As a planet can we have some JUSTICE for this magnificent creature? And his FOUR cubs which have to be saved before other males kill them to take possession of the Lionesses and put them back into a state of estress so they can get pregnant again. It's a bigger tragedy than one animal. I hate this so much. I want justice. I want justice for these lions. I want the human scum who did this to suffer.
I want the Phantom to show up and kick his ass. And where is Tarzan? Isn't there some low life they can get for 20 dollars to make this Dentist need dental work. Accidents happen EVERYDAY in Africa. Hard to be all places at all times and people trip in their cells more often than you think. It's a real dangerous place. Maybe a year in custody in a Nigerian Jail will work. Sorry. I rant. I will stop. My fantasies are getting pretty dark.
He took the lions head you know. He beheaded it and took his main and his skin. Like he was so much garbage. Of course he did all that AFTER realizing the animal had a tracking collar. Instead of calling someone, he carved up his bounty instead. Cold blooded. Nazi level cold blooded.
That is all after shooting the lion first with arrows and tracking him for 40 HOURS. So the lion suffered that long before the humans caught up with him and finished the job. Then pictures were shared like he thought this was an event worthy of celebration.
I hate child molesters but next on the list are poachers. No room for them amongst us civilized folk. If you want me to pull the lever, just let me know. I am free most days until New Years.



DrGoat said...

Trophy hunters need to go the way of Dodo birds. Anyone
who has the need to kill for sport, especially magnificent
animals, need to be strung up. I used to hunt when I was younger,
very long time ago, but we ate what we killed. Haven't hunted for
40 years. This asshat is one of the biggest pricks I've had the
displeasure reading about in a while. Sorry but this one really
gets my goat.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yup. This one has to go. I understand about conservation needing the money but damn. This will like destroying a thing of beauty but making sure it suffers first. I hate this so much.