Monday, July 20, 2015

From The Well Of My Bitterness

I don't need any of you bitches. I have Tony Bravo and although El Ray decided not to go with a second of season of the BRILLIANT MADATOR, I can live with it. I am the only one who understands this show. I am the only one who know how great TV can be. I half believe I made this show up in my mind. It doesn't matter. I know the truth. It actually exists and I am the only one on the FUCKING planet who has seen this show and loved it. I don't need ANYONE to validate my experience. Half of you wouldn't know a good show if it bit you in the ass. This is the best thing about turning FIFTY, kids. You really stop caring what other people think of you or your tastes (I figures out that secret when I was SIX). You stop caring that they don't care about the things you love. AND you want to let them all know how worthless they are because they don't see things the way you do. So fuck you all. Fuck everyone.



DrGoat said...

I hear you old bean. I just got to 65....don't give a
rats ass about what the general population thinks or
likes. Friends are not included in that. Friends are there
to call you on your shit etc. Love that show as much as you
want. Will get to it thru Netflix or something...haven't been
watching it.

j-swin said...

i don't think we get El Rey, i do want to see is when it gets to netflix though.