Thursday, July 23, 2015

TV Times This Week

ZOO - still insane as our super team of experts investigate a prison where all but one of the prisoners have been killed by after an attack by wolves. Yes, wolves attacked and busted a guy out. He was a psychopathic killer of hunters and was on death row when the wolves found him and busted him out.
Why would they do that?

I am still waiting for the answers to start coming but they are slow. But I like the side stories of individuals impacted (and killed) by this plague. This week it was a lesbian research couple in ANTARCTICA who are killed by a cloud of bats who cover their solar panels, depriving them of both light and heat - effectively killing them. Now why bats would have anger towards two lesbian research scientists who thought going to Antarctica for two years would save their marriage, I wll never know. Are bats homophobes? And how did the bats get to Antarctica in the first place. They need warm places near their food source. This seems like more of a suicide mission. I know, it's goofy but unique. Someone really hit all the right combinations on this spin the wheel game.
Bats have killed Lesbian Couple. Which group or demographic is next? Dogs killed that couple that had adopted a young boy from Serbia or they were from Serbia. Bats also brought down the plane last episode so two of our heroes could crash near the radioactive island.
See why you have to watch this show now.
I am hoping that the house kitties are somehow immune.

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