Saturday, July 25, 2015

Big Momma's House 2

My aunt and mother are giggling like crazy women while watching a movie. They invited me to join them and I did, thinking this was an actual COMEDY worthy of my time. Then I discover that they are chortling to BIG MOMMAS HOUSE 2 - How this sequel was ever made in the first place is beyond me. Was BIG MOMMAS HOUSE such a huge hit? How can they not be lost having missed the first installment of the BIG MOMMA EPIC. GAH!!! After three minutes I passed on this crap. When I can see through your old lady disguise, which is worse than a bad Halloween costume, it's time to bail on the whole disaster. Oh sweet Jeebus, there is a BIG MOMMA HOUSE 3???? Hell they made three SHARKNADO movies so what do I know?

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j-swin said...

Why is Martin Lawrence so popular you ask? Refer to my thoughts on Adam Sandler below.