Saturday, July 25, 2015

Walgreens Can Kiss My Ass

Since I have had no luck reaching out to my fellow Yankee toy collectors I thought I would go right to the source and order me up a special Ant Man that is only available at Walgreen stores. When I got to their website and did some looking around I found that I could order this guy online at retail price and avoid the usual EBay soaking. I was thrilled. But then at the checkout I learned that I was banned from using Pay Pal to pay because I WAS SOME CANADIAN WITH A CANADIAN BASED PAY PAL ACCOUNT!!! My credit card is American based. It's not like they won't get their money. They just don't want to set up a system that deals with anyone else BUT Americans customers.

I am so sick of Netflix and EBay and Amazon and now Walgreens and Pay Pal treating me like some scammer from some third world nation. I cannot order half the stuff I want because the shipping cost are incredibly out of whack with reality and now I find I can't even pay with an account SET UP SPECIFICALLY SO PURCHASES COULD SAFELY AND RELIABLY BE MADE ONLINE - that means ONLINE anywhere in the WORLD!!

Something has to change. I am not the only one who feels this way, I know. I would have ordered 10 times the number of things online if I had not had all these stupid roadblocks placed in front of me at every turn.

I would never even begin to sell anything on EBay. I can only imagine what a nightmare that would become.



j-swin said...

It's the man keeping us down! You used to be able to send money orders all the time to eBay sellers but now PayPal penalizes them to the point where online payment is all they can take. I hate being so dependent on the web, I don't trust it.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Just another way to screw the little guy. Bad business models and all it takes is enough people being pissed off for the whole system to collapse.

Barbecue17 said...

We don't have evening service at church tonight so my wife, daughter, and I are doing some geocaching and hitting up some nearby shopping this afternoon and evening. I'll try to hit some Walgreens stores for you to see if I can score you an Ant Man. Still on the lookout, bud! I checked the other day at a store but had no luck.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I wonder how limited was the release. Or if the all got snapped up already by those damn poachers. I will NOT pay twice as much on EBAY.