Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yes Officer...That IS A Banana In My Pocket

"A CHARITY runner in an ape costume jogs along - after being stopped by police who thought he was an escaped GORILLA. Drivers had alerted officers, who swooped on Rory Coleman, 45, by the A6 near Leicester during a 143-mile run for The Gorilla Organisation. The personal trainer said: "I told the police I'd come quietly as long as they gave me a banana." The officers gave father-of-six Rory a £10 donation and let him go on Wednesday. Rory, running from his hometown of Mansfield, Notts, to London, will finish his trek today in a 7km race with 600 ape-suited runners."

"Okay, first of all you run in an ape suit any appreciable distance and you gonna DIE from heat exhaustion. Second, why would an escaped gorilla actually think he could hide in a group of runners. If he was smart enough to escape he would be smart enough to avoid situations where he would stand out. Plus, he would be scooping the chicks at the local Denny's, not running. Opps, I missed that 600 people were in ape suits. he WOULD fit in with the runners. Now I gotta ask what made the cops pick out THIS one guy? He looked more 'apey' than the rest? The Gorilla must have been thinking, "I am the freakin' luckiest primate EVER!. I was worried about how I would get out of the area after my daring break out and suddenly there was my answer. I will just blend in and escape with the crowd." And how many Gorilla escapes happen the same time that a Gorilla-run is taking place? What are the odds of a coincidence like that? That is some fine Gorilla planning there. How did the Gorilla know? Well, it WAS in all the papers.


Wings1295 said...

Besides the fact that would a man in a gorilla suit run in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT way than an actual gorilla would move? They don't run like humans!!!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Now that is brilliant. I never thought of that. Stupid cops.