Friday, September 25, 2009

Fringe Season Two Continues

OMG - I don't know that I am a fan of the X-files like 'freak of the week' direction the show took tonight but OMG..for all of the 30 seconds that we saw the monster I was wetting my diaper. Olivia's super hearing is freaking me out also. Not being able to shut out all the noise, the extraneous sounds would be the hardest part. I do like how her new mentor, Sam Wise, works in a bowling alley. One loud sound to drown out the minutia. I am a smart guy but this show is way above me sometimes and I love that I don't know where things are going. Just, please, keep the secrets dribbling out at a regular rate. For a brief second there I had that X-files 'letdown' feeling and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Anyone who was there for those years knows exactly what I am talking about. Chris Carter, you suck.


Wings1295 said...

Again, haven't watched it. But I like when they have 'freak of the week' episodes. I love some of The X-Files stand-alone episodes much more than the mythology ones, without a doubt. Same with Supernatural.

Michael Kasaboski said...

LOVE this show!