Sunday, September 27, 2009

Franklyn - A Review

Is their anything more iconic that a hero suiting up for his nightly battles with the forces of darkness. So begins 'Franklyn' a movie whose trailer several months ago made me wet myself with its Gothic Steampunk sensibilities. The film flips between our world and the bizarre world of Meanwhile City - 'a city that is hopelessly insane' full of masked wanderers and security forces in stovepipe hats. Its a dystopian religious nightmare with architecture right out of Gotham City's worst dreams. John Priest (Ryan Phillipe) is the only one without faith in the city of the faithful (like the 7th Day Manicurists). He is investigating a girls murder, a dangerous cult and its leader, The Individual. Its a nice title for a religious leader when you think about it. Priest is an old school masked vigilante in the vein of Rorshacht from Watchmen (maybe that is why this movie never got a huge release) He narrates his feelings in the same way that Rorshacht did and he survives with his keen mind and fighting skils. Soon, though, he is captured and caged for four years. The ones in power (The Ministry) offer him a chance to redeem himself for losing his last client, the girl and kill his nemesis, the Individual and he is released onto the streets again.

In the real world a young man (Sam Riley) is dealing with a broken engagement and a young female artist (Eva Green) has attempted suicide each month after calling the 911 line and informing them that the attempt was underway. Its all part of her 'project'. There is also a story strand involving an older man trying to find his lost son. Yeh, I know. It's a alot to follow. I wondered how the two opposite environments would tie together at the end but I was willing to wait for it.

Eva Green is amazing as Emelia, the damaged girl at the center of the story in the real world. I loved her in 'Casino Royale for her beauty and 'The Golden Compass' for her fierceness but its this role that cements her as an actress that is the polar opposite of a Megan Fox. Talented in SPITE of her beauty not merely coasting on it. In fact her beauty will only hold her back and she is beautiful. Hopefully she will have a career like Anne Hathaway's.

The movie has many ruminations on faith and death and the strands that connect all of us and how one's actions or lack of action can affect everything that comes afterwards. I like very much how everything started to come together and be made clear with about a half hour to go. It was a thrill actually which is a feeling I don't experience often watching movies.


Baino said...

Hehe . .might have to try that one if it ever gets over here. Cal, I saw your comment on Wings site . .if you narrow your margins in html you won't have the problem of vids being cut off. You'll need to narrow your header 'wrapper' and picture margins too but it makes your blog a little wider and accommodates the videos.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said... are a GENIUS. How do I do that...step by step.

Wings1295 said...

Flick sounds interesting, gonna see if Netflix has it.

And I am curious about the margin thing, too! Do tell! :)