Monday, September 28, 2009

Trick or Treat

First of all it needs to be said that I am not a huge fan of horror films. I like the old Universal monster pictures but when I am confronted with real scares in a movie I get all jumpy which is the exact feeling they are suppose to elicit inside me. I don't like carnival rides or heights so maybe I missed out on the gene that makes terrifying situations pleasurable to a certain segment of the human population. Even as a kid I would run UP the basement stairs at top speed after turning off the light fearing I would be grabbed through the stairs. I once got a Barnabas Collins poster from a bubble gum card pack for the show 'Dark Shadows' and hung it on my wall at home, right over the basement vent. At night the light from the vent and muffled voices would created an illuminated, mumbling live action face to freak the crap out of me. The first movie I took a girl to was 'Alien' but I couldn't enjoy her grabbing onto me because I played the girl part and grabbed onto her for safety. So why would I ever watch the new anthology movie 'Trick or Treat' at night, alone? That little spud in the scarecrow costume that many of you (WINGS!) use for an avatar already makes me wet my pants. Now I am just giving form and sound to my terror. Fricken' Halloween. Though I DO have a deep and abiding love for the pumpykin.

K..first of all. DON'T BLOW OUT THE PUMPYKIN or take down decorations too soon or you is gonna die. I hate the little POV shots with the heavy breathing and the little shuffling feet and the watching from the shadows and the tinkly piano music. My favorite of the stories was definitely the one about the girls from out of town with Anna Paquin in the "Little Red Riding Hood' outfit. Usually I am 'meh' on her attractiveness but when she undid her hair and got those wolf eyes and fangs I was totally into her. Its just a good look for a girl. I wasn't very scared, just more freaked out especially when the little scarecrow kid tilted his head or dropped from the roof or got his burlap hood ripped off. I also would have preferred the movie to be edited differently with all the scares coming right at the end at the same time. I felt I had to much time between the high points. Over all I liked it. Not the torture kind of porn like we get today but a real throwback to movies like 'The Twilight Zone' and 'Creepshow' and therefore right up to my 'Nancy Girl' speed. It would be perfect for a tween girl's slumber party if that makes any sense. Just always have some candy around for when the little freak with the punpykin head shows up for candy. That's the lesson I learned. Oh, and don't drive a bus.


Wings1295 said...

I am anxiously awaiting this flick, as I am sure you could guess. Glad you liked it, Cal!

Wandering Coyote said...

I can't to horror movies! Even "Scream" freaked me out!