Friday, September 25, 2009

Okay, THIS Is Funny

You remember that post I made all of like 30 seconds ago. Well you are just gonna laugh when you hear this. I actually put my comment about being stoned and berating an entire theatre full of people during a Mel Brooks film festival with the wrong post. I wasn't deleted at all. It was like I was baked all over again. Vietnam flashback. Do you see the irony people? bad. I was gonna delete both posts but its too funny. Look, bunny is happy again. I feel like a, make that a GOOOBER! So I apologize to my blog buddy Dr. Monkey and urge him not to open the package marked 'BOX 'O BEES' from Canada. Just plunge it in a water filled garbage can and walk away. We cool?


Wings1295 said...


hahahahaha - Maybe I need to read ALL your posts before commenting now? :)

Unknown said...

Yeah Goober, we're cool.

Nicole said...

BOX O' BEES made me lol till I nearly peed! ROTFLMAO

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