Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flash Forward

A very high concept show ripe with story potential. I don't know if it was watching the first episode in HD or the filming style but this was first of all gorgeous to look at. The world presented at the beginning was beautiful and idyllic. That's how it usually is before all hell breaks loose. How would you react if everyone in the world got a glimpse of their lives six months from now. That is after the blackout that put everyone out and caused untold carnage. Imagine everyone on the roads suddenly passing out (for 2 minutes 17 seconds), pilots in the skies, doctors operating, people just living their lives, EVERYONE. Then imagine hazy images of the future (April 29th) that you can't explain, men in masks pursuing you or nothing at all. Dreams more vivid and real to you than you have ever know. Each person now armed or damned with information that could either help or harm. Now we got us a show! You would almost wish not to survive knowing what was to come next for you. The visual effects designed to show the post blackout moments of this 'judgement day' are spectacular (the kangaroo was a nice touch that only added to the eerie effect). I felt the helplessness of the first responders and the individuals without answers. 9/11 times a million (and a bad day to be surfing). When you hear a little girl say - "I had a bad dream. I dreamt there are no more good days" I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. As a smart guy I would be like the doctor who refuses to believe that something like this was not possible even with the evidence right before your eyes. How would you react? How would knowledge of the future change that future? Would you crawl into the protection of religion, fight what was coming or lose hope altogether? Would you lie about what you 'saw' to protect yourself? Would you use your vision just to enrich yourself? What if you saw NOTHING at all? And who is the guy in the grainy video who was AWAKE while everyone else was out? The questions are endless. I love this. They give a specific date that everyone's consciousness jumped to and that is around the time the first year of the show would be ending. I so hope we get to see this unfold. Unlike 'Lost' or other such shows I am willing to stick it out till then just on the strength of the premier alone.

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