Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daily Pumpykin - October 1st

What a magnificent delusional bastard that Linus is. Always the dreamer - he deserves to be deported to Latvia. But in honor of the madness I am joining the 31 days of October Celebration by posting a Daily Pumpykin to amuse and delight everyone who is only a month away from that delicious bag of mixed candy - minus of course the evil that is the orange paper wrapped 'BLACK CAT' caramels. They are the worst candy EVER and are the last candy left in your bag around Christmas. But I digress. Looking forward to seeing what sexy superhero everyone is dressing up for this year especially YOU Lisa Mynx.

1 comment:

Wings1295 said...

Great idea, Cal! Can't wait to see the pumpykins you come up with. Awesome first find, too!