Friday, September 25, 2009

Project Runway Continues - No Banana For You!

The thing that I am noticing most about this season is how much model and designer are becoming intertwined. Matar and Eperson and Christopher and Katie are both winning combinations. Like an artist needs their muse so does a designer need the spirit and personality of his model to bring out that little extra. The 'story' was a crucial element in this week's design challenge and a girl that could sell the story made the outfit a winner. Whomever decided that 'Models of the Runway' would be a perfect companion to 'Project Runway' earned their pay for the year. THIS was what I have been missing all along and I didn't even know it. I am liking that I am viewing the models as more than just coat racks though I still want to feed them buckets of KFC because we know that Big Daddy loves a curvy woman. Now I am worried that my favorite designers will loose their girl. They shouldn't get to pick randomly. It should be based on scores so that some wannabe poacher doesn't get the best model. It would be motivation for the designers to keep upping their game.

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