Monday, September 28, 2009


Any comparison between the movie and the graphic novel are purely coincidental and kinda echo last night's 'Simpson's' episode when Comic Book Man got his character EVERYMAN made into a Hollywood movie. I like the way the movie begins showing the real world strives we have made in robot technology and how they extrapolate to a future where robots will actual take our place in society. I love how films like this have to overlook at little thing like the 'Skynet Scenario' where such technology has the ability to go very bad very fast. Would you want to be 'plugged in' like that? I agree with the movie's premise than most people would want to be. How does being good looking and perfect and replaceable make you an international celebrity or give you the lifestyle of the rich and famous? I may have a surrogate but he would just be on computer most of the day like I am now, watching shows and eating spring roles. Well, except for those moments I just jet on over to Milan. I suppose I could get one that I could use to be a superhero but then I would have to compete with the 1000 other heroes of the night that would crop up just in my town. What is the extended warranty like? Can I get 'options'? All this movie did was fill me with more questions which is not a good place to start entertaining me. Bruce Willis is at his best when he is playing hang dog heroes under duress and he is sufficiently damaged here to be interesting. The stunts are top notch especially a chase through the city streets where Willis' 'unplugged' character chases a jacked up surrogate with his car. Ving Rames looks all Bob Marley and there is an interesting twist involving his character. Its not a bad science fiction movie that unfortunately creates more questions than answers. It was unfortunate that a major plot moment was shown in the trailers. I did like the fact that everyone comes out of their homes and into the streets wearing pjamas. Its a good look and can't we all just be comfortable?

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Wings1295 said...

Haven't read the story or seen the flick, so when I do see it, I will be completely naive and unaware. :)