Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don't Complain About My Lack Of Output Today - I Spoil You Bitches Enough As It Is

I just haven't been posting anything all day. I have spent this Thursday planning and doing photocopying and lesson prep so I can be ready to start the dreaded FRACTIONS next week. Really proud of this group of students and the three ladies that I tutor twice a week in math. The tests aren't tough but you need to do the math step by step all the same way so that no gaps are left in your education if you hope to succeed and I think they got what it takes to make it. Of course their teacher is a freakin genius so they also have that going for them.

I need to get cards like this made up.

I forgot how much I miss those personal connections with the students. When I go over a personal essay that they have written they want validation for not only the effort but for the confession and I give out both generously but I also tell them where they can improve. There is always SOMETHING that can be rewritten better or made clearer. There are always examples you can add to flesh out your idea.

I am still on my education high after a great week. Also got my first cheque from them today and it's a sin how much they are paying me. Not that I am not worth every penny but still, I have no complaints. Great students, great administrators, great fellow instructors - it's my idea of heaven.

I would never go back into the snake pit that is a regular grade school or high school. I am not that man anymore. I did my decades in the trenches and survived it mostly intact. I still have the PTSD nightmares but not as often as I did when I actually WAS a full time teacher.

I can't fuck this job up. It's starting to matter to me. Go figure, eh?  I can't let the students fail because if they fail then I fail. And if I fail, all I will see in my brain is this little freak laughing at my pain.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Are you going to cash your cheque all in $5 bills and then roll around nekkid in all that loot?

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I spent three hours shoveling snow in front of the homeless shelter before rushing home to eat lunch before donating blood, after that I just barely made it to a job interview then I came home and collapsed from exhaustion.

Yes really.

I couldn't have taken any more activity in just one day. Let alone a non-weekend day, so your inactivity was my blessing in disguise.

Kal said...

Glad I could help. Boy a nap or sleep sounds good about now. But I need to tire my brain out first. I get that teaching adrenaline and I can't turn it off.

j-swin said...

this teaching gig and lack of posts is really throwing off my daytime work goof off sessions, man. seriously, get your priorities straight!

no man, all kidding aside, we know you're doing a bully job with the students, keep up the great work brother.

Sam G said...

Very happy for you Cal.