Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life During The Cold War

We lived on military bases and this as far as I can tell is the identification ID my mother used to get on and off the base and for permission to drive on the base. Though she drove us other places as well where she wasn't allowed to but it was the seventies. We didn't need either badges or licences from the MAN.

I love how my mother looks like some Soviet assassin sleeper agent who after serving Mother Russia, moved here and just ended up building a beautiful little Ukrainian Catholic church and making her community a better place all while making perogies and looking after those who need it. None more so than her broken toy of a son of course. I try to let her know how much I appreciate it everyday by what I say and do.

But I know my mother. I am sure she had to take out a Soviet Agent or two back in the 70s. We did live in West Germany after all so the Russian spies didn't have to come to Manitoba to be liquidated.

I like to think she used a gun with a silencer. But that would make a mess and she hates a mess. Maybe a garott with leverage. She did like the piano so finding piano wire to strangle some dirty commie with would be easy.
Or she could have been a neck breaker. She did say on the farm that chickens were killed with a 'flick of the wrist' and would demonstrate the technique to frighten us and any chickens that happened to be about as she told the story.
What do you like to pretend your mother did when you find pictures like this.? Mine is too interesting to ever confine to one post. I am collecting all the pictures for my niece and nephew and am loving that I am finding treasures like this.


profsafety said...

I love it! She's a woman of class and determination. I'm wondering if she had one of those rings with the hidden "dose" in it, that she could dump in dear comrade's goulash.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I vote for neck breaker. She would be silent, deadly and ruthlessly efficient.

Kal said...

I like the ring idea. Just a shot to the jugular with the venom tipped part that you can retract after use.

Mike D. said...

You have quite a list of experiences there my Brother

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Reminds me of how the idea for "Back to the Future" came about when writer Bob Gale discovered that his father had been student council president in high school and wondered if the two of them would have been friends if they had grown up together.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Also, I think its wonderful you give your mother so much praise on a site that could otherwise be "just you".