Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Powers Delta Probe One

Okay, I will admit that I bit after seeing this go up for sale on Facebook. I have been thinking about adding some quality pieces to my Collection of Cool for awhile now and this is the year I am committed to do it.

As you can see, my piece in great shape and even has the tiny bomb that you can see on the bottom picture. You engage the lever and it falls down. Uually these are the first pieces to get lost but my Delta Probe One is complete.

I would like to get a nice set of Super Powers and Secret Wars Figures from the mid-80s. In package of course with all their accessories. I will be looking for a good price and good condition. I already have my beautiful Secret Wars Doctor Doom and today arrived my Delta Probe One.
$60 but that included shipping which is where I always get hosed. I find a great deal then the shipping kills it. But this one felt like half the price considering all that I have to pass on because the shipping costs from THE UNITED STATES TO FREAKIN CANADA are so damn high. WHY??? China gives me free shipping.
For a long time I admire the bright colors and bubble screen on this Delta Probe One, the Super Powers spaceship of the Superheroes. Just look at that beauty. It's almost 30 years old (1885) and in fantastic condition. The box is bright and colorful and for being around that long, is hardly beat up at all. I even have the instructions. Very chuffed right now.



Hobgoblin238 said...

Yes it is cool no doubt. Shipping to Mexico sucks too.

david_b said...

AWESOME, AWESOME purchase, sir. My hats off to you..!!!!

Mike said...

Oh Man! I am so jealous! I have a lot of Super Powers figures. I have been wanting the Batmobile, but now that I see this I am drooling!

The best Secret Wars toy is the Tower of Doom Playset. I have a banged up one that is missing everything, but the core base is terrific to play with when you are having a table top war.

Kal said...

I want that Tower Of Doom badly but I am going to wait for the best deal. Like this one I have the feeling it's just going to jump out at me. I was very happy with the price and especially the perfect condition of the vehicle. Would love to see your stuff sometime Mike. What do you need or like. I might have something to send you for the gift you got me. I want to learn more about your collection.