Monday, January 27, 2014

Kitty Pride And Warpath Join The List Of Covers For 'Days Of Future Past'

Kitty Pride

And for those of you scoring at home, here is the complete list of all the covers. Don't worry. I will have them all posted here eventually. I am a big fan of this idea. More is always better with me and I dig the design they have given to the whole world this movie is hoping to create. The color scheme even looks fresh. No blues or oranges if it can be avoided. Got to do THIS story right because even though it is only two issues in the regular run of the Uncanny X-Men, it sent ripples throughout every mutant story told afterwards. I broke the mold of what you could do with the X-men. They were extraordinary beings with extraordinary powers. The should have extraordinary, universe saving adventures...with ennui. Lots and lots of angst and ennui. That is what made The Wolverine work so well for me and I know this one will not be without it's own tragic moments. Wouldn't be the X-men I know and love without it. And just look at that cast that Brian Singer managed to put together. WOW. We truly live in a Golden Age my friends.
Cover 1: Sentinel (Past)
Cover 2: Havok (Past)
Cover 3: Toad (Past)
Cover 4: Stryker (Past)
Cover 5: Trask (Past)
Cover 6: Mystique (Past)
Cover 7: Beast (Past)
Cover 8: Quicksilver (Past)
Cover 9: Magneto (Past)
Cover 10: Prof X (Past)
Cover 11: Wolverine (Past)
Cover 12: Bryan Singer (middle)
Cover 13: Wolverine (Future)
Cover 14: Professor X (Future)
Cover 15: Magneto (Future)
Cover 16: Storm (Future)
Cover 17: Rogue (Future)
Cover 18: Warpath (Future)
Cover 19: Kitty Pride (Future)
Cover 20: Sunspot (Future)
Cover 21: Blink (Future)
Cover 22: Iceman (Future)
Cover 23: Bishop (Future)
Cover 24: Colossus (Future)
Cover 25: Sentinel (Future) 

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Ah, Warpath, so that was whose head was covered up by that sticker in the "Blink" cover.