Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer TV

BIG BROTHER UK - This show continues to impress me with the genius of the British version. They now how to entertain the public by pushing all the right buttons on the contestants. Of course that comes from genius casting of the housemates. The inclusion of five new people after the original castmates have been together for six weeks is really shaking things up. Marcus, who was previously the only alpha male has had to confront two new good looking horndogs sniffing around his beloved Noirin. Half-wit has been knocked off his pins by the introduction of Bea, the bohemian hippie chick of his dreams. Of course if you haven't been downloading the bit torrents of this show you have no idea what I am talking about but its the tenth season for the UK version of Big Brother and its strong, compelling reality television. Trust me when I say you will look at the vastly inferior US version with disdain if you get the chance to compare the two. Its like a live drama vs a cartoon. Oh and if I have my wish Siavash the Indian prince will win. He is the person I would most like to be friends with in real life.

HELL'S KITCHEN - Another example of the clash of strong personalities, this time in the kitchen. Sharp knives, boiling oil and hot tempers. Chefs are the alpha males of the world. They are worse than athletes who at one time have to realize that they only succeed as part of a team. Gordan Ramsey is of course the head bully on the block. He has made his fortune as his reputation by being the biggest dickhead ever to wield a spatula. He belittles the contestants but I also truly believe he knows what he is talking about and he only wants to make them better at the job they love. Sure his style does nothing but handicap those in the show who can't take the pressure but that is the only way he can choose the right person for the head chef job he is offering. These are not greasy spoons they will be operating. The prize this year is the opportunity to call the shots at a high end eatery in Whistler B.C. just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Whistler is where the world's rich and powerful come to ski when they ski in Canada. Anyone who gets by Ramesy is worthy to do that job and he has his rep as a world class expect on food to protect and protect it he does like a mother grizzly with her cubs. Only the bear doesn't eat her cubs for lunch.

PROJECT RUNWAY AUSTRALIA - I have a love for design. The process of creation is endlessly fascinating to me. Art, animation, sculpture, custom action figures, landscaping, architecture, evolution - all of it. Combine that with catty, swishy, 'avant guard', homosexual designers and their insecure female counterparts and I am there every time. The contestants are true characters and I love seeing how each person's unique personality is reflected in their frocks. And to see the arrogant be judged before the fall, as I have said before - DELICIOUS. Reality TV interpersonal drama is like Pepsi to me and Pepsi is my lifeblood.

BURN NOTICE - When this season began we found our boy Michael Weston still trying to get his spy job back after his Burn Notice. Of course no one else, especially his girl Fiona, want him to go back to his old life. Even with the interference of a Miami city cop (who he got on his side by his charm and intelligent efforts on her behalf) he still is able to out think and outmaneuver his enemies who are more numerous this season. Still the best show on television in my opinion. Great characters, situations, humour and action. This program has it all.

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