Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Airing of the Grievances - 1

My boy Electric Cerebrectomy (THE Samurai Frog) had a great post where he gets out a bunch of his gripes at one time. I have decided to do the same because in the words of Frank Constanza during the 'airing of the grievances' part of the Festivas dinner, "I got a lot of problems with you people".

Less than 1% of people (roughly 250) who visit my site daily actually comment on anything I have written. Phronk reminded me that there is an inverse relationship between how great a post is to the number of people who comment on it. Makes me appreciate all the more those who take the time to acknowledge the effort since all my stuff is GOLD BABY...GOLD! I know myself that I try to react and make a positive comment most every time I visit someone on my blog roll. There are many people who revisit my site who never comment. Can you tell me why that is?

Tublrs are great. I love being able to zip through the images and yes, I do nick the ones that I like. I might never credit where I got them from but I don't think those who post them on their tumblr expect that. If I find something on someone's regular blog I do give them credit. Its just that I often forget which tumblr I got the image from. Am I wrong in my thinking on this?

My mighty writing is powerful indeed. I posted earlier last week that there was alot of tension and family strife over an upcoming wedding and the way that certain family members were being selfish and petty. As of yesterday people who were not invited suddenly GOT invited and those who were not allowed to stay at my cousins large house are now allowed to. Seems like all it took was for the black sheep to get involved. That is what I do. You got yourself a problem, just bring it to me and I will bitch slap you a solution.

This week President Obama is planning to meet with Harvard professor Henry Gates and the cop who arrested him outside his own home. I think is was brilliant to suggest that all three of them meet at the White House for a beer to discuss the incident and try to find some common ground. But now some idiot is criticising Obama's choice of beer (Bud Light in case you were wondering). Are you freakin kidding me? It seems that if the man went for a walk they would be all over him for choosing to lead with his left foot instead of his right. THIS is why nothing ever gets done in American politics. Though I do like the term 'Beer Summit'.

Fans of uber freak Michael Jackson are actually trying to get him nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. For what? For looking like a noseless ghost? For abusing little boys? Give me a break and seal him and his glove in concrete and lets all move on. All he ever did was use his immense fame and fortune to become even weirder and they don't give you an award for that. If they did then the Cave of Cool would be the next Graceland.

With a majority in the US Senate, the House of Representatives and with a President from their party, the Democrats still can't get a decent health care bill that covers the majority of my American brothers and sisters. From wimp ass Harry Reed to the Blue Dog Dems everyone seems to be looking out more for themselves than for the people they were elected to represent. If ever there was a reason to bomb and pave Washington and start over again it is now. Say what you will about Canada but we wouldn't take that shit from our government for ten seconds. Grow a pair America and demand what is right.

How fricken beautifully messed up is the UK version of Big Brother? Let me set the stage here. Marcus 'fancies' Noreen but Noreen only wants to be friends. One of Marcus' best friends in the house also fancies Noreen. His name is Siavash. Noreen and Siavash have been sleeping in the same bed and kissing or 'snogging' for the past week. This has driven a wedge between Marcus and Siavash. Marcus, who was Noreens biggest supporter and best friend stopped talking to the fickle girl and his buddy Siavash after it got out that Siavash and Noreen were a house 'couple'.(earlier house mate Tom also caught Noreen's fancy but he bailed on the show because of all the 'drama' going on with the housemates) Today, the truly evil people that run the show sent in Noreen's American ex-boyfriend which is not only messing with Siavash but also Marcus. THIS is why I don't watch soap operas. People's real lives - despite it being a reality TV show, are so much more interesting. To quote Siavash, "OMG, this is so bad its just not funny. Is this actually happening?" Now imagine him saying that with a British accent. If Noreen gets booted tomorrow from the house then Marcus and Siavash are stuck with the new guy, Noreen's ex. Bloody genius, as the Brits would say.

A few days ago several New Jersey mayors and several Rabis were arresting in a complicated scheme that involved money laundering and THE SELLING OF HUMAN ORGANS. Are you FREAKIN KIDDING ME? Men of god involved in the organ trade? What, not enough drugs or underage prostitution for you to make money from? Are those avenues too 'dirty' to sully your hands with? Again...let me reinterate...WTF? I have this image of Rabis with coolers walking around the state till someone dies or someone living sells them a kidney out the back of a van.


Wandering Coyote said...

Cool. I always love a good grievance-airing session!

I always read, though I don't always comment.

Wings1295 said...

1) Always good to get things off your chest and out in the open!

2) I try to comment on all the blogs I read, too. Not always easy, but I figure it is the least I can do for the bloggers who put time into their posts. :)

3) I usually give credit from where I find a pic or something. Not much from Tumblr, as I don't have many of those I check.

4) Glad to hear it. Sometimes it is harder dealing with family then anyone or anything else!

5) And you got that right about Obama and any decision he makes. Hopefully he is developing a thick skin about it. Talk about 24/7 scrutiny! Sheesh!

TotusMel said...

Why don't we comment...because we are lazy. We eat others delicious words and efforts selfishly and move on.

You have, however, amused and entertained me much since I found your thanks.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I try to comment on one or two posts a day. You blog like I used to, obsessively and many times a day. But that's not a bad thing.

themom said...

Excellent post. I love a good - from the heart - gripe session. It is all so true! Goofy Sarah Palin thought the media was SO hard on her...our President can't do anything right according to some (racists) and an immediate brouhaha takes place. The "beer" session was an excellent, everyman solution or beginnings of one. then someone wants to gripe about the beer. Give me a break. :)