Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OK..What Happened in the Cave of Cool?

I have been noodling around with the look of my blog this week and with the shout out by 'Wandering Coyote' I thought that I was gonna be looking at some huge visitor numbers on 'Google Analytic'. Maybe even higher than my all time daily number of 374 people. I never thought even ten would ever be interested in anything I had to say. Glad to be proven wrong daily. You honor me with your visits my global peeps. However, my number for yesterday was an all time low of 46! 46???? Was there a virus that swept through the blogosphere that killed all my people? It is summer so many are on vacation I know. I even miss my boy Wings and his reliable supportive comments. I try to visit everyone on my blog role when they update and leave comments that are positive (except for my recent rant against the Banana Splits - sorry Joe) So I have taken advice from my spiritual advisor Lisa Mynx and gone back to my old template with a few color tweaks since I couldn't totally remember what colours I used before the 'great experiment'. So its okay now. The bad people have been chased away. Its okay to come back to the Cave of Cool that you knew and loved. And YES...it does look like the Phantom's Skull Cave from the outside. Who knew?


Wandering Coyote said...

Well...I don't get THAT much traffic, so I wouldn't expect to get much traffic directed here from my shout out! You're lucky to get 300+/day. I get maybe 100.

Anonymous said...

I quite liked the new layout.

Ricky Shambles said...

I float around 100/day, but like one of my old posts, it's because of my occasional porn and weed posts as well as continuing #1: Andrew Wilkow.

I promise to show more love.

The kitty in the post reminded me of some odd kids show I caught one Sunday very early (or late as it were - I was in college) and the host of the show said the following unforgettable words to her kiddie audience: "Remember: ignorance is just not knowing. That's easy to fix. Not like Stupid; there's no fixin' stupid."

Wings1295 said...

Been on vacation. In fact, I still am, but trying to check out some posts tonight. Good stuff as usual, Cal. :)

Chase March said...

My stats always seem to go down in the summer. People are outside doing summery things and don't spend as much time online reading blogs.

I don't think your numbers dipping had anything to do with your redesign. Since I use a reader to read your blog, I didn't even notice a change.

I had 18 posts to scroll through today when I opened the reader. I laughed pretty hard at the Twilight picture with Blade and the Mario Mushroom and the puppet with a puppet. Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Nicole said...

I was on vacation, but that's no excuse. I'm sorry, Cal - I usually read your stuff in my Google Reader, so I don't go to your site as often, though I do read the blogs. That also explains why I don't comment as much. But I am deeply sorry, Cal. I hope, in time, you will forgive me.