Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Screw You, You Tube

Okay...I want the name of the douche bag that is keeping Canadians from seeing the new Tim Burton trailer for his 'Alice in Wonderland' movie with a delicious Johnny Depp as the 'Mad Hatter'? I am so tired of this crap. Its not like we are some third world country that needs to have what we see on the WORD WIDE net censored or restricted. Hulu can bite me as can NBC and all the other networks. But when 'You Tube' puts those barriers up I gotta cry BULLSHIT! Just like Amazon deleting the novel '1984' from Kindles. Okay bitches, the revolution begins HERE. To quote Picard, "The line must be drawn HERE, THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER!"

UPDATE - This is why I love the blogosphere. Pete of 'This Isn't Happiness' emailed me with a source to see the trailer for the movie. Way to stick it to the man, Pete. So you see Mr 'You Tube', you can't keep me out, shut me down or hide from me all I want to see. There will always be someone who will have my back. Pete, for being all that you can be, I thank you. Now I need someone out there to design for me an award that adequetly acknowledges such acts of blogging heroism. I am adding Pete's cool site to my blogroll (great old school pictures) and you may have been able to see the trailer on IGN but they have taken it away too.


Chase March said...

I have written about this several times on my blog. The world wide web should be accessible to all. The CRTC or FCC shouldn't have any control over the Internet.

Great post!

Nicole said...

Delicious is right, Cal.

Plus, Canadians deserves this. Go, Canada!