Wednesday, July 29, 2009

America, I Am There For You

I know you will all take one look at this print and lose hope. I know we have wasted many years while slowly the tentacles of evil have attempted the squeeze the life out of your nation. This SO explains the Republicans. But take heart fellow revolutionaries. We here at the Cephalopod Destruction Society have been working on our own plans for some time now. We hear your cries and we will be there when the battle begins. Until that time it may be helpful to sit in the corner with a wet newspaper over your head while eating a peach. Works for me and since they are illiterate and fear the peach you should be safe for the time being from the octopus menace. Thanks to Super Punch for reminding us all that shining the light of truth on our many armed adversary will always produce positive results. I hope you noticed that these bitches never even tried to alter the Canadian flag because they know we would have beaten them down with our snow shovels and hockey sticks.

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Wings1295 said...


That has to be the worst tentacle-d pic so far!!!