Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Planet Hulk

One of the greatest Hulk stories ever was 'Planet Hulk'. The story is a simple one. The Illuminati, a group consisting of Mister Fantastic, Iron Man, Professor X, Namor, Dr Strange and Black Bolt have sent the unstable Hulk into space and hopefully a new life on another planet. But instead the Hulk's ship crashes on the world of Skaar where there are things stronger and more powerful than even the Hulk. Forced to become a gladiator in the arena he fights for himself despite a prophecy that he is the savior the people have been waiting for. The comics were great and this animated feature of the story look terrific. Check out the trailer and check out your local library for the trade paperback.

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Phronk said...

YES. That looks awesome. Have you seen the Hulk vs. Wolverine animated movie? It's damn good.