Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Cats RULE!

I can't express adequately in words how wicked cool this is. How brave do you have to be to not only drive a rickety vehicle around this dome but to do it when you have a FREAKIN' LION IN THE SIDECAR!. When I perfect my time travel technology this is the FIRST thing I want to see.

"That is exactly what it looks like: A jungle cat riding shotgun in a motorcycle racing up the walls of a dome of death. It’s not like there’s a reasonable explanation for this picture–it’s not taken from comic book or an Iron Maiden album cover–it’s actually a real thing. Somebody back in the 1920s thought to themselves, “I find the world lacking in badass, and this trend perturbs me. I will place this enormous predator in an exceedingly fast motor-vehicle and fling it about an enclosed pit with reckless abandon, and the people will pay me for it because I am dangerously insane and may turn on them if not humored in this endeavor. ” And this was the birth of–I shit you not–The Lion Drome!"