Monday, July 20, 2009

Return Shout Out

Its easy for me to spout on and on about the things I find on the web and expose my perfectly rational fears of mutant sea life to the world. Its the way my mind works. So it means alot to me to get noticed by other blogs, especially ones that I enjoy reading. 'Wandering Coyote' is one of those great personal blogs that are refreshingly honest and real. I found her accidentally and instantly connected with her opinions and her love of kitties. She lives near my father's birthplace of Trail, BC - a place so terrible that my father left it at aged 15 to join the military. They have a smelter there that is where alot of his friends ended up. As I have said many times, its a worse hell hole than HELL ITSELF! In fact, I once saw the Devil himself leaving town because even he couldn't take it. Got food poisoning and heat stroke there in the the same week so I am convinced that the city is out to get me. Sorry if you live there and take offence but its my personal truth. So, its with a combination of pity and admiration that I check in on Ms Coyote daily. You should too.

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Wandering Coyote said...

Wow. Thanks for the warm fuzzies, Cal! I LOVE that pic of Trail - charicaturish, like the city itself.

Must correct you on one point, though: there isn't a nickel mine there at all. Cominco is a smelting operation that gets is metals (nickel isn't amongst them) from various mines from it's world-wide location, the nearest of which is Kimberley. Lead is the main heavy metal smelted there. Cominco also has a fertilizer operation.

Still, it's a shitty city and I can't stand the place. Especially in the summer, when it is a death pit of heat. I try to limit the time I spend there in the summer, but since I work down there it's a bit hard. The winters down there are shitty, too.

Rossland is a much preferable location.

I didn't know your dad was from Trail! Do you still have family there?