Monday, July 27, 2009

Beet Leaf Bread - Beetniks

If there is one thing I love better that wicked thunderstorms in the summer its Ukrainian Beet Leaf Bread. Its a delicacy as old as beets themselves. A little taste of the old country. My Baba would make it and all of us kids would eat these rolls until we were sick on them...then we would eat some more. Basically you take beet leaves and wrap them around finger shaped bread dough and then cook them together. There is something about the leaves that adds a totally unique taste to this dish. Bet you are wishing you were Ukrainian now don't you. MMMMMM Boy. I can smell them cooking now. This is why I love having family members around. And if ever one day my mail order bride comes from that Ukrainian chicken farm I am spying from 'Google Earth' then she will have to be able to make these. I of course can make them myself but if she is just hanging around the house in the Batgirl costume doing nothing then maybe she can wash some beet leaves and make some bread. That's all I am saying. I love that they are also called BEETNIKS - makes me think I am asking for some hippie poets.

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