Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cool Customs

Lisa Mynx and I have been looking at and talking about custom action figures for the past couple of days. I have always wanted to try to make versions of my favorite characters but not just replicas of what is already out there. I am most fond of the ones that re-imagine beloved heroes and villains like they may have existed in a past era. At Bruce's site you can see many great customs including the ones I am showcasing here. The 'Iron Man' is from Project 1944 and is an awesome piece of imagination. I also include a steampunk and contemporary 'Arim Zola' figure because he is one of the most visually interesting villains out there. The freakin' guy has no head because he transferred it to his chest since he thinks that's a safer place for it. How deliciously crazy is that? I also love that Bruce chose to use 'Big Brother's' picture for the face in the viewscreen.