Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Cool For Yul

Yes, I do understand that choosing the head of Yul Bryner from his iconic role as Ramses in the 'Ten Commandments' is hardly a Canadian image but when I saw it I just had to use it for my blog photo. The very first thing I ever wrote about on my old webpage (? - were we ever so young?) was about how cool it was to be bald having fully committed to that look over the dreaded of all phenomenon - the COMB OVER (insert creepy organ music here). I highlighted the beauty of many bald headed men and at the top of that list is Brother Yul. Love him in everything he ever did from 'Tarus Bulba' to "Anastasia' and 'The King and I'. Who would have ever thought he would make an amazing cowboy in the 'Magnificent 7' films and 'Westworld'? But, of course, his most famous role is as the King of Siam. Its exhilarating to see him whip Deborah Kerr around the palace floor in their famous dance scene. Say what you want about dancing but that is how a MAN moves. And that VOICE! Oh dear lord, I believe I am getting the 'vapors'. What is my point again? I don't remember. Check out these clips and revel in the cool that is Yul.

I just had to include this clip too. Grover, (the father of Elmo even if no one wants to admit it) was consistant Emmy bait. Its the criminal lack of recognition from the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences that really killed him in the end.

This commercial he made after his death from lung cancer is always difficult to watch and breaks my heart every time. I was lucky to never have smoked and seeing his empassioned plea makes me glad for that. I have lots of bad habits that will kill me eventually (the least of which is mocking the cephalopods and making a dangerous enemy of them) but smoking is not one of them.

How could the same guy make such a great cowboy? That was his magic.

And now here it is. His best scene ever. No one does regal arrogance like Yul. 'So let it be written, so let it be done!'

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Booksteve said...

Grover? Elmo? My God, man! You may be on to something there!!