Thursday, July 23, 2009

Worth 1000

These are great photoshopped pictures that show celebrity couples that couldn't have possibly existed but spark all our imaginations. I particularly love the Chaplin/Stephani mash-up. She always had that 'out of time' beauty and could have easily played the flower girl in the classic 'City Lights'. If you have never seen it you need to add it to your Netflix queue. And Tom, just between you and me, don't you think that its time to admit the truth to all of us. You and the Duke just look adorable together.

I wish I was a celeb for only one reason (well besides the money and unlimited beef jerky) and that is the opportunity to have your picture taken in all kind of artistic ways. I had the chance to get my picture done with my dearest Coral at the place in West Edmonton Mall that has you dress up in the old cowboy cloths for an old time photo. I would have been the sherrif (with the fancy two gun rig of course) and she would have been the saloon hooker. She would have looked so good in that outfit. I also would like to do some photoshopping of me throughout time. Like I would look in old photos or statuary if I finally got this friggin time machine to work right. It only lets me go two minutes into the past. Time enough to re-eat the chicken wings I just finished. How practical is that? This photo looks like it was taken during WWII and maybe it was. But I have said too much already.