Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Brother After Dark

What kind of insanely brilliant evil asshole came up with this addition to the US version of Big Brother. Because of the cruel strategy to make the US game ALL about alliances and who you give the screwgie to, you can watch three hours of the unedited circular discussions by shallow, cruel people who torture each other with endless rationalizations of their backstabbing actions. There wasn't even a honeymoon period that you usually see in this 'game'. This time everyone got right to the bitchin and the scheming. If aliens are watching this show (and with the way that television signals leave the earth and travel out into space they will) I hope that they don't judge us by these worst examples of our nature. Or maybe they should and just vaporize the entire human race and give some other species the opportunity to be top dog on the ladder. I think I liked this show better when all we saw was the heavily edited hours three times a week. This 'raw' footage is just not making me feel good about being the voyeur 'Big Brother' is targeting as an audience. I used to feel superior to the contestants. Now I just feel like I am a silent collaborator.

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