Monday, April 20, 2015

Once Again I Get The Screwgie From American Toy Sellers

On the Facebook just now I was lucky enough to find a much cherished PACK figure from the Big Jim line from the 70s. He has nearly ALL his gear and the box, while not original does have the original Jack Kirby box art. WOW. In that condition alone I was ready to make an offer. But then, as always, I am told that he can't ship to Canada like Canada is some island in the Sea of Japan.
We share the largest undefended border in the World with the US but still I can't see certain programs online or get certain packages because some still see us as some third world nation. Well many of the toy sellers I encounter certainly do. I pay with PayPal so you get your money right away. Just put the toy in a box and drop it in the mail. Make sure my proper address is on it. Damn, how much easier can it be? I guess they put these toys up so they don't get sold. I don't understand any of it. So I get nothing and some goober has TEN of these on his shelf.
The Americans have the selection and the toy shows and garages sales that no one who lives in Canada can hope to access. It's so annoying. I would love nothing than dedicating my Saturdays to eggs benedict and then a trip though the flea markets where the classic toys I seek are to be found but there is nothing like that here. But I would love to find a holy grail piece. Even if it is beyond my price range that day, I can at least connect with another seller. Network with a good guy who will look out for what he knows he can sell to me at a good price for both of us. I just want a fair price for the condition of the piece and to be treated like I know a little something about the piece I am purchasing.
I will not haggle with you like some Bedouin in the desert if you bring me the goods - complete and in as mint in box as you can get it and I will pay you fairly for it. I have gorgeous pieces just because I waited for what I wanted to find me in the right CONDITION. But for a Canadian collector, such prizes are rare. Even on the EBay, where I get soaked for shipping. It's such a scam. I can find a deal online but once you figure in the cost to get it to me it stops becoming such a good bargain. The myth of Internet shopping revealed.
But then again, I deal with Australia or South East Asia and I get my piece in mint condition with a very low shipping fee all the way from freakin' CHINA!!! How does that work? I can't get something from Washington state at a fair shipping price but CHINA cuts me a deal?
But as it is, I sit and hope that the few guys I have dealt with in the past put up something nice for me to purchase. That happens every few weeks, if I am lucky. They at least ship to Canada. One even has a toy store and if I could SEE his selection in some website I would buy directly from there but he doesn't do that. He has NO photos of his selection anywhere except for the few pics they do release on Facebook. I wish they would flood their site with pictures of what they have available so I can do my toy shopping online all at one place. He has such great and classic stuff on offer and I can't see any of it. GAH!
I want to find that dream toy shop that sells both old and new, is in Canada, and will work with me to improve my collection. Seems like a dream but with the Internet, anything is possible, right?

One day I might even find these guys. Even the reproductions that came out recently are fine with me. That felt good to rant like that. Bitterness is always the way to go.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Consider your spleen vented. May you find that perfect Canadian toy seller someday soon!

Barbecue17 said...

You're absolutely right, man. The US and Canada should have such a tight, efficient relationship and yet I too have an easier time ordering stuff and receive it more quickly from sellers in the UK and even China than from Canada. I'm not sure where the problem resides: Your postal service, our postal service, or both.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Both are looking for their piece of the Amazon pie. I am sure they have find a more efficient and cheaper way to move things in the largest market in the world. And these numnuts think drones will work.

jester59388 said...

As someone who buys from ebay on the other side of the border, I can tell you that the problem is mutual, I buy comics and trading cards from Canadian sellers and just get raped on the shipping costs. Yet I can buy the same item from the UK or Australia and it costs me half that. Makes no sense at all. And who the f--- eats eggs benedict down here? Egg McMuffins more likely ....