Monday, April 20, 2015

Daredevil - Episode Eight


My favorite villains are always the ones who make me feel sympathetic for their cause. Magneto I totally understood. As a survivor of the Holocaust I totally understood how he would never allow something like that to happen to his people - the mutants. He would never allow their extermination even if it meant killing every regular human on the planet to do it.
I am not a monster! AM I?
Fisk is the same as Matt. He is just a damaged, abused child of rage. I see where his anger comes from and I am sympathetic. If I went through that kid's punishment, I would crush my enemies the same way if I felt the slightest insult or disrespect as an adult. Especially if I had the power to make those kind of things happen. 
I was most impressed by the move Fisk made to neutralize all his enemies at the end of this episode. He is smarter than everyone around him and a dangerous man to cross. Does the love of a good/bad woman like Vanessa make him stronger or weaker? That has yet to be seen.
I am so glad I didn't just binge this season. I am really enjoying getting into each episode and thinking about it for a day or so before getting back into the story. I love that I have this freedom to watch my entertainment, MY way.
Who could of imagined it as children?


Unknown said...

I hear good things about it!

j-swin said...

same way here, we're watching one ep a night to let it sink in.

i love matt's deadpan deliveries and the foggy/karen dynamic is very fun to watch.

i feel the same way about wilson, the best villains always think they're doing the right thing.

i really hope they keep going with a season two, GIMME' ELEKTRA!!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

And the Hand and Bullseye.