Thursday, April 23, 2015

Russia Takes MMA Fighting To The Next Level

Last year a Russian MMA organisation called M-1 Global started running full-contact jousting matches with knights all dressed in armour and swinging swords as filler for their MMA matches. Because, you know, two people beating one another into submission isn't entertaining enough, right?

Anyway, the results of the 'knight fights' have been so positive that M-1 is looking to expand even further and create an entire event filled with them.

The jousts are one-to-one sword fights between two trained 'knights' fighting under MMA-related rules. It looks f*cking brutal...

I would like to see this but expand the combat area a bit. Make a nice sand pit that is not confined by the tight quarters of a boxing ring. Then these two guys can really go at it. Larping taken to the extreme.

If this kind of thing interests you, here is another article about taking this idea to the next level. Highly protective armor that allows the fighters to really wail on each other and have the damage calculated by computers in their high tech armor to find a winner. I love the idea of safely being about to learn to use the weapons. I loved classic fencing because I never felt I could be injured in anyway. Made me fearless actually.


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