Tuesday, December 29, 2015

20 Reasons Star Trek Is Better Than Star Wars

The first reason why Star Trek will always trump Star Wars? This guy. Before Han went Solo, Captain James Tiberius Kirk was slinging his earthy swagger in the furthest reaches of the galaxy. And thanks to the amazing maneuverability of the Enterprise, you can bet he could make the Kessel Run in way fewer than 12 parsecs.


Personally I don't choose between the two because it's like a Sophie's Choice for me. I love them both and they both physically change my mood when I watch them. Nothing like coming across an episode of Star Trek or a showing of Star Wars on the satellite and just sinking in for the good memories.



Monc said...

A better question would be, which was the superior movie? The Empire Strikes Back or The Wrath of Khan???

j-swin said...

I too walk in both worlds. It's unfair to compare the two just because they share a similar setting (space), when they should be praised based on their individual merits.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Monc, that is a great argument idea. I couldn't give you an answer right away. I would really have to think about that one.

DrGoat said...

Both different tales of Science Fiction. No need to compare.
Like saying is Blade Runner better that The Thing. Like them all.
My opinion is Wrath of Khan is .1 percent better than Empire.
Too small to measure really.

DrGoat said...

PS, Just saw the new Star Wars today. Disney and Abrams did
a good job of taking some good plot devices from the first
three movies, basically rebooting the thing all over again.
Had a good time. Liked it.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

And I would say Empire is 1% better than Khan just because of the Hoth Battle which tips it over the edge for me. But I thought about this one all day.

You are right. It is a remake of New Hope but they HAD to do it that way and I was comforted by it. I mean it could have been a trainwreck and basically most all of us are happy with the results. When does THAT ever happen. Yes, all the critique is justified but I don't care. Now play fast and loose with me again next movie and there will be hell to pay.