Friday, December 8, 2023

Short Cuts

Marvels - I hated it. The worst of the Marvel movies. Totally uninspired. Bad script that panders to the worst of the ME TOO movement. Chaotic fight scenes that are boring to watch which is death for an action movie. The script is total fluff and as light as a popcorn fart. The villain of course had to be female and like everything else in this dreadful film feel created by committee. Even the Flerkin kitties can't save this dumpster fire. You have been warned.

Napoleon - A movie that didn't know what it really wanted to be. By combining the 'romance' with the warfare nether was served. I would watch four hours of 19th century warfare but not when it's interrupted every 20 minutes by 'dear John' letters back and forth. Huge swaths of European history are passed over in the service of the romance. This film needs an editor badly but the costume designer deserves an Oscar. This one can wait to be seen even if you are a fan of the star playing Napoleon. He was just okay and that surprised me too.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, I've heard that The Marvels has bombed. I'll wait to see it until it streams, which sounds like it may be sooner rather than later.