Saturday, December 16, 2023

Short Cuts

The Killers of the Flower MoonScorsese has made a somber, poetic adaptation of David Grann’s account of how a group of greedy white men systematically murdered members of the Osage Nation in early 1920s Oklahoma. But despite his experience as a master filmmaker, the movie is slower than a lazy river. It will be nominated for many awards come awards season because of the costumes and it's lavish production design but it sure could have used a little excitement. I kept waiting for something to happen and even 2 hours in that hasn't happened yet. It's indulgent filmmaking that doesn't reward in the end. It's a movie for critics and not movie fans despite some decent performances. Like the Tulsa massacre this was another sin of the white man that we were never taught in school and we should have been. I not sure there is anything learned, because it is very preachy.

Chicken Run - Rise of the Nugget - Aardman films are the masters of claymation and that is why they take so long to make. Wallace and Gromit and the Sean the Sheep films contain the same sense of visual humor and that is what makes them the kind of gentle films that the whole family can enjoy.. Like this first Chicken Run movie it's an amusing romp involving some smart and brave chickens and those would would do them harm by processing them into nuggets. While the first film involved breaking out of the chicken farm, this one focusses on an escape from a high tech nugget factory and because of the security is more like Mission Impossible than The Great Escape. This time Ginger and Rocky have a daughter named Molly who has a yearning for adventure and that puts her family and friends in the kind of danger that requires rescuing. Not much new here. You can wait until streaming to enjoy this film and enjoy it I did.

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