Wednesday, September 18, 2019

It's Almost Expo Time

I haven't spent a night away from my house in fifteen years or so. Now this week I will be gone for four days. To a place full of people and people and more people. I could freak out like those astronauts who spend too much time in space do. I know because of reasons. A person who spends a lot of his time alone doesn't just jump into the Ebola filled dirty unwashed mass of humanity gathered to celebrate all things geek in the Northern Alberta area. It's a pretty big show with a large area for people like us to sell their pop culture collectibles. My friend Pat really knows his business  and he has prepared for this for all summer so I am excited for him. I am also looking for the experience of seeing the Expo from the sales floor. I don't mind Farmer's Market or the odd garage sale but this is something all together different.

They got George Takei. I love George Takei. He was on a late night radio show here in Canada and he recorded an intro for the show. Imagine if I could get him to endorse This Week From The Cave Of Cool? But I could never even ask. I have my business cards now so that might give me some cred but I am still Calvin. Calvin doesn't walk up to people and talk to them about their Batgirl costume.

But I will be busy and I am going with good people who know me and might tolerate me for that long a period of time if I don't get too manic. I just want to be a good worker bee. And experience a con because I was forced to experience it with people in ways I would never do by myself.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have fun here in Edmonchuk!

Chase March said...

Have fun! I saw Takei years ago in Toronto and he was great.

I wish I could come to this one. I would like to travel to a few different ones and see what they are like on the other coast.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I love Edmonton. But I am nervous about new situations and people crowded together spreading the Ebola. Seriously. I just don't leave the spaceship for any reason.